We manufacture and supply a wide range of flumes from fiberglass, polypropylene and stainless steel: from compact Cartridge flume, through Badger Meter Manhole flume to Parschall flumes.

Manhole Flume Badger Meter

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High durability and accuracy
  • DN from 100 to 300 mm
  • Measuring range 0,1 – 94 L/s
  • High solid parts conveyancevodu s obsahom tuhej zložky

Manhole flume is a low head loss flow measurement primary device especially designed to fit into standard manholes. The upstream approach and throat velocities significantly reduce solids deposition.

Its fiberglass reinforced polyester construction, for long life and corrosion resistance, incorporates a low head trapezoidal design in conjuction with a hooded outlet collector and pipe spud. The hooded section, following the throat, prevents bypass leakage under normal flows, yet allows nearly unrestricted flows during emergency conditions.

Cartridge Flume

  • Easy to install to the manhole, even to the angle manhole.
  • Material polypropylene.
  • Compact design with straight part and threaded sensor holder.
  • Suitable for waste water with solid parts and paper content.
  • Individually manufactured up to customers needs

Parschall Flume

  • Flow measurement open channel primary element
  • Download sloping invert of the throat
  • Materials fiberglass reinforced polyester or stainless steel

The Parschall flume is open channel primary element. A distinguishing characteristics of the flume is the download sloping invert of the throat. This feature gives the Parschall flume ability to operate at higher ratios of downstream to topstream heads than any other such device. The flume operates with a small energy loss or change in channel grade, about one-fourth that of weirs having the same crest length. The Parschall flume is made from fiberglass reinforced polyester or stainless steel.

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